Fred Mortagne aka French Fred is a french photographer, who started making skateboarding videos in the mid-nineties, and directed some of the sport’s most influential videos . Additionally, he started shooting pictures, with a much more personal approach, focusing on the style and aesthetics of skateboarding, as well as its relationship with architecture, thus balancing with his rather commercial path with video for famous skate brands. He is most famous for his striking b&w compositions, where the architecture becomes the principal character, and the graceful skateboarders a tiny element within. Having developed a great capacity of adaptation, just like with ever changing skate terrain in the cities, French Fred is a multi-task photographer who doesn’t limit himself to his prominent style. He has won numerous awards and competitions, and exhibits his work around the world. Beyond the world of skateboarding, major brands have called on his singular gaze, such as Hermès, BMW, Dom Pérignon, Leica...


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