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Fred Mortagne - Untitled #5

Fred Mortagne - Untitled #5

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Title: Untitled #5
Location: San Antonio Dam, California, USA
Year: 2018
Skateboarder: Greyson Fletcher

This wonderful looking skate-spot  remained in the shadow of a more well-know spot, the Mount Baldy Full-Pipe, located in another part of this large dam infrastructure. I even went there in 2001 without seeing this marvel, who’s got all the ingredients that I like for my photography. Despite organising everything for the best conditions,  we got there by running very late, and I only got a very few minutes to shoot something, not even what I wanted. I remember leaving the spot very disappointed and frustrated, but when I discovered this picture on my computer, it was a huge relief. I brought some white paint to cover up potential graffitis, but it had already been done by someone else. But, I didn’t expect my crew to start spraying all over the place. I had to stop them, just on time before they would ruin this scene!

Shot on Leica M Monochrom (Typ 246)

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