About Us


Dissident Pictures is an online platform selling limited edition fine art prints signed by photographers who have captured the raw beauty of underground cultures of the 20th century and who tell the story of today's world without compromise.

Skate, hip hop, graffiti, gangs, humour, erotic, dance floors, bikers, guns, racing cars, the night and strong emotions.

Between rage and violence, joy and doubt, betrayal and courage, there is often a betrayed humanity that only opens its doors to those who deserve it.

Every month, we discover the work of one or more photographers. Dive into their archives. Discover hidden gems. Select iconic shots.  

Dissident Pictures was born from the desire to make the work of these talented photographers accessible at reasonable prices.




Growing up in Paris, Florent was surrounded with hip-hop culture: his friends were rappers, graffiti artists or making beats. He pulls his camera out whenever the energy comes alive in parties or concerts. His photos quickly draw attention and recognition within the Parisian hip-hop scene. Eventually, his growing talent gets him publications in well-known French papers.

Florent eventually makes the switch from still pictures to motion pictures, smoothly transitioning from shooting album covers for major French bands to directing their music videos. His interest in motion picture does not stop at music videos, he directed successful short films, as well as produced a number of ads.

However, in recent years, he rediscovers his first passion: Photography. His archives of photos depict a Hip Hop, Graffiti and Electronic music scene through his young Parisian eyes.

The idea of Dissident Pictures came to him while diving into those photographs.