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Fred Mortagne - Untitled #9

Fred Mortagne - Untitled #9

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Title: Untitled #9
Location: Long Beach, California, USA
Year: 2015
Skateboarder: Nassim Guammaz

I was commissioned by Leica Camera to produce a series of skateboarding pictures for the release of their new camera system, the Leica SL. I chose to go shoot in the Los Angeles area, where I never got so many opportunities to shoot pictures with my iconic style. I was a little scared to pick L.A, as by experience, of making important skateboarding videos there, I knew that there was a real risk of not being very productive. I had suffer so much in the past from long drives from spot to spot in this megapolis, in traffic jam, and to get kicked out super often, by cops or security guards, that L.A, compared to France and Europe, was to me a place where skateboarding was indeed terribly difficult. Many times I went, and came back with a limited amount of images. But that time, it was different. It was graceful, everything was rather easy, and I came back with a whole lot of images.

Shot on Leica SL

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