“He is undoubtedly one of the most gifted photographers of his generation. Damien Poullenot has 10 years of experience photographing at a particularly intense production pace which made him cover the major European competitions and travel the world from Hawaii to China and from Indonesia to the DOM-TOMs. By focusing on aquatic photography, Poullenot succeeded in seizing the essence of surfing culture and more particularly to sublimate the masterful scenes that take place in the ocean. Aquatic photography being the most noble art of surf photography which he has made his specialty. Former accomplished bodyboarder, passionate practitioner of surfing and paddle boarding, his knowledge of the waves and his love of the ocean, coupled with a deep human and creative sensitivity, have revealed more than the profile of a gifted entrepreneur, but indeed the face of an artist.”

Julien Roulland, Editor-In-Chief of Surf Session Magazine

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