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Damien Poullenot - Underwater Carve

Damien Poullenot - Underwater Carve

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Title: Underwater Carve 
Location: Teahupo'o, Tahiti 
Year: August 2016

Unknown local surfer from Teahupo'o

I have been covering the World Surf League (WSL) stops of Pro Surfers in Tahiti, French Polynesia for a few years.

During a small day (under 5 feet), the contest is off most of the time. As Teahupo'o's wave is far from the shore, the water is extraordinarily clear, especially on small days. Shooting from behind the wave gives you the feeling of being in another dimension.

Shot With Canon Eos1DX, 15mm Fisheyes Canon and a CMT carbon Water Housing

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