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Valerio Polici - Untitled #3

Valerio Polici - Untitled #3

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Title: Untitled
Year: 2013
Location: Rome, Italy

The old Metro A was now a distant memory, only three or four could be seen running nowadays, and in the tunnels it was virtually impossible to find them.One afternoon, walking around the outdoor depot at Anagnina, we realized that they had left two old trains in the center. We weren't sure if they were running but we wanted to paint them. It was a sentimental matter.

That evening we went in without spray paint to see how much of a problem the cameras could be. After twenty minutes of patrolling without a hint of security, we called the others to join us with cans. We painted very quietly and for a month we often came back.

After a few weeks in Cyprus, we saw one of these trains in service. It was a beautiful farewell.

Shot on Canon Eos 550d

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