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Geoffroy de Boismenu - S1W #01

Geoffroy de Boismenu - S1W #01

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Title: S1W #01
Year: 1993
Location: Miami, Florida, USA

Raleigh Hotel swimming pool.


I used the Polaroid Image System box a lot. Whenever I had a job, I ordered a good supply of Polaroid film which I then used sparingly. I kept them all religiously, scanned them with very high resolution to make very large prints and finally published them in two books at RGB Books: Image System #1 and #2.

My first commercial job in the USA: a shoe catalog for Stéphane Kélian. The team was staying at the Raleigh Hotel, South Beach, Miami. It is one of the most spectacular Art-Deco hotels in the area. The hotel’s swimming pool is without a doubt one of the most remarkable.

We would get up with the chickens and I would enjoy the morning light. There was no one in the hallways, the pool was empty and I took the opportunity to discreetly climb on the roof to snap this picture.

Someone once told me that behind this series of polaroids' apparent tranquility, there always seemed to be a few dead bodies hidden behind a bush. I've never looked at them the same way since.

Shot on Polaroid Image System

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