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Geoffroy de Boismenu - Flavor Flav'#03

Geoffroy de Boismenu - Flavor Flav'#03

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Title: Flavor Flav' #03
Year: 1994
Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The English stylist I was working with, Andrew Dosunmu, suggested that we dress Public Enemy as Masai warriors. I was thrilled with the idea. When I mentioned it to Chuck D, he thought about it for a few seconds, wagged his index finger and said, "My audience is not ready yet.” He knew what he was talking about and we didn't push it.

Flavor Flav' then told me not to be disappointed because he had planned things for a good picture. He went into the dressing rooms and came out dressed like a canary. The guy is just amazing and hilarious.

My only difficulty was to get him to pose in a natural way and without ostensibly putting his clock in front of my eyes. Other than that, he spent the day proposing to my agent at the time, Betty Wilson, a delightful woman from Atlanta, then at least 60 years old.

Shot on Pentax 6x7

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