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Brian Finke - Untitled #5 (Bike Life)

Brian Finke - Untitled #5 (Bike Life)

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Title: Untitled #5 (Bike Life)
Year: 2021
Location: New York City, USA

Brian Finke began going to New York City bike ride-outs. Shooting while riding, he attempted to capture the other side of the bike world—the moments, personalities, friendships, unique styles, and incredible athleticism and talent of the New York City bike life community. 

The Bike Life scene is predominantly young adults and teens from diverse backgrounds and genders from all around the city who, through bike tricks—wheelies, swerving, dancing, and surfing—express a sort of creative language and personal style that borders on a movement. The circulating message “we’re outside” speaks to a certain adjoining vibe—of freedom and positivity, staying true, celebrating and lifting up each other's individual styles, not only on the bike but the world that follows, in their being.

During ride-outs—impromptu or planned gatherings of around 500, though sometimes only 10 or 50, sometimes as many as 1500—bikers weave through the city anywhere from 10, 15, or 35 miles. En masse, ride-outs shut down streets and bridges, from Times Square and the Tri-Borough to FDR highway. 

A parade of stunts and kinetic compositions, choreographed and freestyle, mesmerize bystanders and affirm internally and externally that bike life is more than crazy in chaos and running lights — it’s the movement and tricks and being in the flow. It’s the feeling of wind while you map the city. It's popping wheelies with your pack. In Bike Life, that bike is life.

Shot on Nikon D850

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