In 1986, Youri Lenquette, initially a journalist, starts devoting himself full-time to photography. He has collaborated with some of the most famous artists of the last twenty-five years.

His Musician portraits have been used for dozens of albums, concert posters, magazine covers and double spreads all around the world.

In parallel to his career as a portraitist, Lenquette has been capturing the countries he visited while traveling, in the spirit of documentary reportage. An aspect of his work which has, in turn, led to publications in a large number of magazines devoted to travel and leisure.

He has directed videos and documentaries for various artists (Sergent Garcia,Youssou N'Dour, Yuri Buenaventura, Havana Cultura) and worked for major French musical programs.

His work has been shown in Europe and Africa since 2010. The exhibition The Last Shooting, on Kurt Cobain’s last photo session presented in Paris in 2014, was widely acclaimed and covered by the media worldwide. Over 150 photos, a retrospective of his work on the African continent from 1995 to 2017, were shown in Dakar (spring 2017) in an exhibition called Youri ne dort pas at the prestigious Galerie du Manège.

Youri currently lives between Paris and Dakar, allowing him to travel in pursuit of his personal projects while continuing his ongoing work for the press and the music industry.

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