Sophie Bramly was born in Tunisia in June 1959, before migrating to Paris with her family at the age of two. After studying Graphic Arts and Photography, she moved to New York in 1981 and became involved in the Bronx hip-hop scene. 

Back in France in 1984, she worked as Art Director on the very first television show devoted to hip-hop, with Sidney, with whom she published the book Hip Hop Story. She then moved to London as part of the founding team of MTV Europe. There she created, produced and hosted Yo!, the first English-language hip-hop television show to air in Europe, a concept that MTV U.S. picked up a year later.

In the 90s, Sophie Bramly focused on the web. She first launched the digital department at Universal Music in France, establishing among other things the first legal download platform in Europe. Then, in 2007, she founded a website on female sexuality, producing films and writing books.

She first presented her photos on the hip-hop scene in 2011, at Galerie 12 Mail and published a limited edition book with Red Bull. In 2015, Gallery 213 published a limited edition book with an original print, Walk This Way, accompanied by a new exhibition. Her photographs have since been acquired by the MUCEM in Marseille and were featured by Vikki Tobak in the book and exhibition Contact High. In 2021, Soul Jazz Editions released Yo! The early days of Hip-Hop, 1982-1984, in which she presented all her work on the subject between New York and Paris.

Sophie Bramly continues her work on social photography and is currently working on several projects.


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