Collection: PIOTR SIKORA

Some of the first assignments Piotr Sikora secured were for a chic new publication out of London, True Magazine, which explored the merging of hip hop, art, and fashion cultures in the mid 90’s. 

Few short years later, Piotr was chosen as a Photographer-in-chief for Vibe Magazine. There, he continued developing his craft, finding himself drawn to expressing the hip hop music culture through the lens of a photographer that would usually capture the top portraits and fashion shoots of the time. Understanding that this kind of angle & lighting was not widely used in the music genre, Piotr was able to set his photos apart, allowing his subjects to shine in a “different light”. 

In 2008, offered a position at Viocom INC, Piotr became the Director of Photography for VH1, a pop culture cable channel. While there, he shot and was a part of the creative team branding that channel for the next 10 years. Today, Piotr shoots for many of his old clients, as well as new ones, such as Vice Media and various record labels while pursuing his dream of designing and building his “forever home “ in the Catskill Mountains, NY.